Whether you’re a brand-new mama, hoping to become a mom someday, or your looking to find a better balance between your family’s hectic schedule and your own well-being needs, you’ve come to the right place. Angel Song Health has a full line of support tools and services to meet you, wherever you are today, and propel you toward your goal.

Private Holistic Health Counseling

A premium service for those who have longer-term wellness goals and would like to receive continuous support, working on 1 to 3 goals over a period of 6 months.

Pre-/Post Natal & Family Services

Services that support women around fertility, pregnancy, post-partum and beyond. Children and other family members may be included in these programs.

Healthy Cooking & Shopping Classes

Hands-on training for those who are looking to connect the gap between their current health goals and practical application of the steps to success.

About Angel Song Health

Hi! I’m Megan Franzen. I’ve been a holistic health coach and a professional in the field of health and well-being services for over 15 years. Based in NYC, I support women and families define and achieve their health and well-being goals. I started my business, Angel Song Health, in 2004 after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have been blessed to work in an area in which I have great passion ever since. Not in NYC? Don’t worry – I work with clients all over the United States by phone and Skype!

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Here's what the mamas are saying...

Working with Megan was a calm, guilt-free way of realizing my goals of weight loss and well-being. I managed to LOSE 6 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years: a time of year where I usually gain weight! I was able to do some 'gentle fasting' and with healthy choices I learned to make more time for myself, more food for myself -- and by doing this was able to pin point the toxic things in my life that kept me from accomplishing some very basic and necessary goals.


Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

I attended a few sessions of "Who's Feeding Mommy?" and really learned a lot. As an excellent facilitator, Megan guided the group to share insights from our own lives and kitchens that added to the expertise she brought. Before the group I shopped at health food stores, but there were plenty of foods I had never tried. I now use a variety of sugar substitutes--without all the chemicals of the pink and blue packets or the crash that comes from too much sugar. Her recipe ideas helped me cook whole grains that didn't taste like tree bark, too. I also found that I knew more than I realized about healthy eating, but that I often forget to put it into practice. Megan helped draw out the smarter cook within me to my own and my family's (and occasionally the environment's) benefit.


Long Island City, NY

As a new mother, sleep deprivation can be a harsh reality. Unfortunately, I gravitated toward sugar to get a daily burst of energy to cope. I found myself trapped in an endless cycle of sugar highs and lows. After meeting Megan and joining her discussion, I was introduced to many natural sugar alternatives. I was also encouraged to fill my day with fruits and sweet vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes. This really helped with the sugar cravings. Now I have more energy and am able to keep sweet things in my life without punishing my body. And, with Megan's blessing, I still splurge on the occasional cookie or ice cream, otherwise life would be no fun.


Astoria, NY

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