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I’m feeling ready for this baby to come. And it’s not just because this is my second baby and there’s no longer that “fear of the unknown” that first-timers sometimes suffer. We’ve been working with a doula who specializes in HypnoBirthing. Before you dismiss it as some “woo-woo” thing that I’m doing because I’m into holistic health, let me tell you more about it.

Hypnosis is something that has been extremely helpful to me throughout my life post-first-baby. I worked with a wonderful hypnotherapist, Ana Tucker, to help me relieve the mental and physical pain from a divorce and got me back on track as a single mom, breadwinner, and eventually, to earn a place in the corporate world that afforded my son and I the much-needed stability at the time. In short, my hypnotherapist helped me restore and renew myself after falling to pieces.

Now, my HypnoBirthing instructor and doula, Elizabeth Cano-Correa, has brought a new dimension to my belief in hypnosis through the work that we’ve done to prepare my husband and I for the birth of our baby.

The instruction has consisted more or less of immersion in positive, empowering images, stories, and belief system around having a baby naturally. The first step was reading the HypnoBirthing book While I found some of the background information interesting, I began to wonder why there were so many positive birth stories, in addition to explaining the techniques. Were they trying to “sell” me? I was already sold! Next up, listening to the corresponding audio tracks, including positive birth affirmations and a relaxing guided meditation that uses rainbow colors that correspond to different parts of the body (if you all are familiar with chakras, it’s the same concept) to practice relaxing muscles and reinforce the sense of empowerment within the body.

When we met with our doula/HypnoBirth coach, she proceeded to show us more empowering birth stories. I was kind of like, “Yeah. I got it. It works. You don’t have to convince me!” But here’s what was actually going on. HypnoBirth, in addition to practicing the techniques, also seeks to crowd out the copious negative birth images that society has implanted in our minds since…well, since birth, probably. Even if you don’t know anyone who has had a traumatic birth experience, you probably have seen plenty on TV or in the movies. We’re used to seeing screaming, swearing, pain, anxiety, mayhem, and possibly even negative outcomes as the norm in media. Rarely (if ever) do we see the media portray birth as calm, natural, magical, empowering, and generally positive.

And there’s no judgement here if this doesn’t resonate with you. I encourage each woman to create her own ideal birth plan, because wherever you feel most safe, comfortable, happy, and secure is most likely going to give you the outcome that you’re looking for. But if you’re looking to get support around a calm, natural, birth with little or no interventions planned (whether you’re in the hospital, birthing center, or at home), and using hypnosis sounds like something you’d like to explore, then I encourage you to look into HypnoBirthing.


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