Get to know Angel Song Health


Hi! I’m Megan Franzen. I’ve been a holistic health coach and a professional in the field of health and well-being services for over 15 years. Based in NYC, I support women and families define and achieve their health and well-being goals. I started my business, Angel Song Health, in 2004 after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have been blessed to work in an area in which I have great passion ever since. Not in NYC? Don’t worry – I work with clients all over the United States by phone and Skype!

My clients have overcome many health challenges including

· Infertility
· Thyroid issues
· Weight loss
· Candida (yeast imbalance)
· Frequent infections
· Strong cravings
· Low milk supply while lactating
· Poor energy/fatigue
· Hormonal imbalances including perimenopause and menopause
· Mood swings
· Feeling “stuck” personally or professionally

I healed myself and you can, too

In my 20’s I worked hard and played harder. This netted some unbelievable stories and some life-long friends, but also debilitating health problems. I had low energy, frequent infections that sometimes felt like they were taking over my whole body, and I was starting to feel the grip of depression.

I went from doctor to doctor to find a cure, but all I got was multiple rounds of body-ravaging antibiotics and a mental health referral – actually, I got a few of those.

I knew there had to be another answer. So I started seeking out other types of support: naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, meditation experts. They all had great suggestions, but I got very confused about the widely disparate approaches and was struggling to find the right approach for me. I tried various nutrition approaches, herbal remedies, and exercise routines but still felt like crap. I had crashed – I couldn’t work, I felt too ill to see friends, and had given up on all my personal and professional goals. I was exasperated, drained, and afraid.

Walking by a health food store in NYC one day, I found some information about the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), a unique program with curriculum including all the major dietary and self-care theories. I had nothing left to lose, and decided to give it a try. I began my journey with IIN in 2003 and from there, learned a few key things that have transformed my life

  • There’s no single “best” way for any one person to eat, exercise, or thrive
  • Everyone needs support to help them figure it out
  • Primary Food (emotional well-being) is just as important as any food you’ll ever eat

I graduated IIN’s programs feeling like I had a completely new life: endless energy, a more flexible approach to eating, exercising, and feeling balanced emotionally, and a new passion for helping others find their way to radiant well-being.

I love working with:

Moms and women who are getting their bodies (and their lives) ready to be moms

Families who are struggling with meal-times, “picky eaters,” and parents who have fallen into the trap of being “short order cooks” for each family member in an attempt to keep the peace

Women who are trying to integrate mommy-hood with working in a hectic corporate environment

Why “Angel Song”?

In the Christian Bible, angels appear to those who have a special message from God. They don’t appear often, but the information they deliver is often exactly what the recipient has been searching for and is transformational. For me, the realization around how to heal myself and help others was life-changing and was like the message of an angel. I’m here to pass that along to as many people as I can.

While I don’t require my clients to believe in angels, I’ve realized that having some type of spiritual practice is helpful. Finding a way to acknowledge the beauty of nature in life, to tap in to creative energy, or connect to the source of your power is a key to well-being that I support everyone in exploring.